Powerful Reporting Infrastructure

Doodlebase organizes your manufacturing data in the right context for rapid report building in Excel or Power BI. With Doodlebase, your team can build the reports they want faster, easier, and with more control, improving the data-capabilities of your organization and freeing up time for your busy engineers.





Factory Summary

SPC Analysis

Defect Pareto Chart

Product Traceability

Empowering Your Global Team

Business User

  • Access online reports
  • Act on supplier performance
  • Informed Decision Making

Process Engineer

  • Build custom reports in Excel
  • Root cause analysis
  • Increased Product Quality


  • Reports from manufacturer
  • Uncover hidden issues
  • Reduced Operational Costs

Interactive Demo

We'll guide you through an interactive demo exploring how a leading manufacturer uses Doodlebase to generate value across their global supply chain.

  • Learn how Doodlebase generates ROI
  • Explore interactive dashboards
  • Understand the setup process
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The Doodlebase Toolkit

Design routes to map your manufacturing process in the cloud. Group routes into a Network for each product you want to track.

A .NET and COM capable library allowing you to quickly pull data from machines, format it to a structured schema, and send it to the cloud.

A web app helping you construct Database queries for external use. Queries are used to build reports in Excel or Power BI.

About Us

Steve Hugh || Founder and Architect

With 30 years of manufacturing experience and seven patents in his name, Steve is a solutions-first engineer who understands the data-collection needs of today's global electronics manufacturing industry. He’s experienced firsthand the power and frustration with achieving good manufacturing data and analysis in the industrial, IT, and medical industries. With this experience, Steve saw an opportunity to build a distributed data-collection solution for the globally-focused electronics manufacturer.

Tyler Brown || Data Analysis and Integration

A film production major and founder of three startup companies, Tyler utilizes his storytelling, business and design expertise to teach others about Doodlebase. When he's not involved in a passionate conversation about the future of manufacturing, Tyler spends his time working with our tools and reports to generate insights and improvements that further expand the capability of our system.

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